LNG Outperforms S&P 500 During Every Month of 2022

The world's #1 largest LNG company Cheniere Energy (LNG) has outperformed the S&P 500 (SPX) during every single month of 2022 year-to-date. The S&P 500 has declined by 25.25% vs. LNG gaining by 61.88%. The LNG/SPX ratio has increased for nine consecutive months to a new all-time high!

When TheGlobe.com (TGLO)'s parent company Delfin Midstream makes its Final Investment Decision before year-end and merges into TGLO, Delfin Midstream will become America's second highest quality publicly traded LNG company after only Cheniere Energy (LNG).

It is highly likely that Delfin Midstream will announce one or more new long-term LNG sales agreements with European energy companies during the month of October. When Delfin Midstream officially makes its Final Investment Decision before year-end allowing for it to finally go public by merging into TGLO, we could easily see TGLO rise from $1.20 per share up to $5 per share in a single day similar to how Tellurian (TELL) traded back on August 3, 2016. At the time, TELL was known as Magellan Petroleum and when its merger was announced on August 3, 2016, it rose from $1.20 per share up to $5 per share in a single day. On August 12, 2016, TELL hit a high of $7.17 per share for a gain of 497.5% within eight trading days of its merger being officially announced.

Keep in mind, TELL is a SCAM company that went public without making a Final Investment Decision, so we expect TGLO to perform A LOT better between now and year-end than TELL performed in 2016! The TGLO/TELL share price ratio is beginning to increase MUCH faster than even the LNG/SPX ratio!

While TELL's Driftwood LNG Project has an impossible to finance initial CAPEX of $1,087/TPA, the Delfin LNG Project has the industry's lowest initial CAPEX of only $550/TPA!

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