Keeping Troops in Afghanistan Forever

The mainstream media is desperate to convince Americans that U.S. troops must remain in Afghanistan forever. We simply have no idea what is really taking place on the ground right now in Afghanistan. Does anybody really believe the troops left but are now going back into Afghanistan to evacuate an embassy. How does that story even begin to make any sense whatsoever? They're not even trying to make up more intriguing stories anymore like Iraqi soldiers taking premature babies out of incubators in Kuwait (maybe because Governor Northam made it legal to do that in Virginia). Why wasn't the embassy evacuated prior to the troops leaving? They are trying to make Biden look like a fool for wanting to pull troops out of Afghanistan so that no President ever wants to pull troops out of any country again. They did the same thing to Obama when he wanted to pull troops out of IraqNo troops are ever leaving any of these countries until the U.S. experiences hyperinflation and we can no longer buy any support on the ground. For the U.S. to simply maintain military spending as a percentage of U.S. GDP it is going to begin adding to our deficits and debt exponentially moving forward.