Juventus Lost $102M in Past Six Months vs. Celtic Highly Profitable

Juventus Football Club SpA (JUVE.MI) lost $102 million in the last six months.

If JUVE was profitable, it would be trading at an enterprise value significantly higher than 3X revenue.

Almost all publicly traded football clubs either have massive losses like JUVE or if they are profitable, they have a toxic brand like SS Lazio (Asbestos Corporation is profitable but very toxic).

Celtic (LSE: CCP) or CLTFF is the only publicly traded football club to be extremely profitable with the best brand!

CCP deserves to trade for 5X+ revenue.

Being in the UEFA Champions League next year means that CCP's financial future is secure.

Part of the reason for JUVE's massive loss was their ban from this year's UEFA Champions League.

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