Investors Desperate for New LNG Plays

Investors are desperate for new LNG plays. Yesterday, shares of Stabilis Solutions Inc (SLNG) gained by 73.67% in a single day on news that they received DoE approval to export up to the equivalent of 51.75 BCF per year of domestically produced LNG51.75 BCF is equal to approximately 1 MTPA of LNG. (TGLO)'s parent company Delfin Midstream has already received DoE approval to export 13 MTPA of LNG or approximately 13X more than SLNG!

What makes TGLO's parent company Delfin Midstream especially valuable is the fact that their Delfin LNG Project is about to become America's first Deepwater LNG port!

TGLO's parent company Delfin Midstream also owns 100% of the adjacent Avocet LNG Project which is seeking DoE approval to export an additional 14 MTPA of LNG!

Between the Delfin LNG Project and Avocet LNG Project, TGLO's parent company Delfin Midstream hopes to have total export capacity of 27 MTPA of LNG!

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