India's Vaccine Killing Hundreds of Mongolians?!

On February 21, 2021, Dr. S. Jaishankar the External Affairs Minister of India tweeted, "Caring for a Spiritual Neighbour. Made in India vaccines reach Mongolia."

Up until that point, Mongolia only had a total of 2 COVID-19 deaths throughout the entire pandemic, but they were thankful for India providing them with millions of potentially life saving vaccines.

In March, 300,000 Mongolians received their first vaccine shot. Suddenly, Mongolia had 4 COVID-19 deaths in a single month.

In April, 545,000 Mongolians received their first vaccine shot and 363,000 Mongolians became fully vaccinated. Shockingly, Mongolia experienced 104 COVID-19 deaths in April.

During the first 13 days of May, 866,000 Mongolians received their first vaccine shot and 272,000 Mongolians became fully vaccinated. Mongolia has experienced 85 COVID-19 deaths already this month.

Could all of this just be a coincidence?!