Imminent Plant Based Chicken Boom

We are about to experience a Plant Based Chicken Boom and investors will be searching this weekend for the best ways to capitalize.

We found out a few minutes ago, Whole Foods has announced this morning that they will begin offering unbreaded plant-based chicken at its U.S. and Canadian stores: click here to see for yourself!

According to the press release, "Lightlife, a Greenleaf Foods, SPC brand, will be the exclusive provider of unbreaded, plant-based chicken for Whole Foods Market's prepared foods counters across the U.S. and Canada. Lightlife's newest plant-based chicken product is made with pea protein, and will be available at more than 500 prepared food departments across North America, including hot and cold bars and grab-and-go meals. Earlier this quarter, Lightlife introduced plant-based chicken tenders and fillets. Whole Foods is part of the Inc."

This news comes after last night's announcement that Burger King will be launching Impossible Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets in Des Moines, Iowa, Boston and Miami next week: click here to see for yourself!

One week ago it was announced that Beyond Meat's new plant-based Chicken Tenders will hit store shelves at U.S. grocery stores later this month: click here to see for yourself!

Beyond Meat (BYND) went public in 2019 at the highest possible valuation and is still trying to grow into its market cap today. BYND is breaking out big this morning, but its market cap is already $6.62 billion giving it very limited upside!

Impossible Foods will be going public within the next six months at a targeted valuation of $10 billion. Impossible Foods is another company that has already been in business for 10 years and will be seeking a valuation that will leave very little room for share price appreciation!

We consider Komo Plant Based Foods Inc (CSE: YUM) or KOMOF on the U.S. OTCQB to be the #1 best way to capitalize on the imminent plant-based chicken boom! YUM is poised to become a leader in the plant-based chicken space with its specialty niche being frozen plant-based chicken, meat, and dairy comfort foods! Already, YUM has launched a plant-based Chick'n Pot Pie that tastes just like the real thing! Click here to see YUM's plant-based Chick'n Pot Pie!

YUM announced significant news this morning as it prepares for the launch of its expansion into the U.S. marketclick here to read YUM's press release!

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