IMAX vs. AMC Performance Since NIA's Alert

On October 28th, NIA said that IMAX (IMAX) was undervalued and suggested IMAX call options.

We got a few angry messages from people saying that AMC (AMC) is the better movie theatre company. We called AMC a zombie company that would soon be worthless.

Since NIA's October 28th suggestion of IMAX call options, IMAX has gained by 37.32% vs. AMC declining by 85.86%.

Most De-SPAC companies will make AMC like declines in the upcoming months.

Daktronics (DAKT) and Zedge (ZDGE) are the two most undervalued U.S. listed companies, but only a select few Nevada based gold explorers listed on Canadian exchanges will become 10-20 baggers.

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