Imagine if Caitlin Clark Attends Celtic vs. Chelsea at Notre Dame on July 27th

Celtic plc (CLTFF) traded record weekly volume last week for its second straight week.

For the first time ever, CLTFF weekly volume in the U.S. surpassed CCP weekly volume on the London Stock Exchange.

Most NIA members who didn't buy Droneshield (ASX: DRO) at $0.20 per share use the excuse of it being too difficult for an American to buy ASX shares in Australia. NIA discouraged its members from considering Droneshield (DRSHF) shares on the U.S. OTC solely due to the fact that DRO is many times more liquid than DRSHF. However, buying DRSHF shares on the U.S. OTC was obviously better than not capitalizing on Droneshield at all and missing out on an easy 750% return.

Unfortunately, many NIA members opened up accounts at Interactive Brokers to capitalize on DRO, and although they made 750% gains on DRO... Interactive Brokers is one of several U.S. brokerage firms that don't have either Celtic plc (LSE: CCP) or Celtic plc (CLTFF) in their system.

We promise you, doing the work necessary to figure out how to capitalize on Celtic plc will be well worth it.

There are more billionaires today than ever before and they all want to own sports franchises. Most professional sports franchises in the U.S. have become unaffordable for all but the wealthiest of all billionaires.

Celtic FC is the last remaining world-class professional sports franchise trading at an insanely low market cap of only US$175.236 million.

Celtic FC in Scotland is like the New York Yankees or Dallas Cowboys in the U.S.

Next month, Celtic FC will be traveling to America for the first time in 12 years to take on D.C. United on July 20th in Washington DC, Manchester City on July 23rd at Kenan Stadium home of the North Carolina Tar Heels, and Chelsea on July 27th at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana.

Imagine if Caitlin Clark after being snubbed from the Olympic Team shows up at Notre Dame Stadium on July 27th to see Celtic FC!

Both Chelsea and Manchester City are $5 billion franchises. Celtic plc (CLTFF) will be worth $1 billion+ very soon!

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