If Kidd Creek Was a Gold Deposit, NOB Would Be Our #1 Overall Pick for 2024

If Kidd Creek was a gold deposit, Noble Mineral Exploration (TSXV: NOB) would be our #1 overall pick for 2024, because its market cap is so low, and these IP anomalies located 2 km north of the world's largest VMS deposit Kidd Creek look very promising.

We know for a 100% fact that gold is going to new all-time highs throughout all of 2024 and we believe Augusta Gold (TSX: G) has a very good chance of gaining by 1,000% from its current share price because there is nothing bigger than the newly discovered Beatty Gold District.

In the world of copper nothing is bigger than Kidd Creek the world's #1 largest VMS deposit.

We just don't know for sure if copper will perform anywhere close to gold, because the copper price is controlled by China and impossible to accurately predict.

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