Huge G Insider Buying

Augusta Gold (TSX: G) has recently seen huge insider buying. Last month on March 3-4, 2022, G's Executive Chairman Richard Warke added 30,000 G shares to his position with open market purchases at prices of $1.08-$1.13 per share. One year earlier on March 4, 2021, Richard Warke purchased 2,981,454 G shares in a private placement at $2.25 per share. Richard Warke now owns 21,719,788 G shares for a 30.53% stake in the company.

Between July 29, 2021, and October 5, 2021, Daniel Earle the CEO of Solaris Resources (TSX: SLS) and also a Director of G established an initial G position of 310,000 shares with open market purchases at prices of $1.25-$1.75 per share.

SLS is now a $1.4 billion+ company after Richard Warke took it public in mid-2020 at an IPO price of only $1.50 per share.

G is his latest brand-new company! This is G's ground-floor right now!

G's U.S. OTCQB symbol is AUGG.

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