How Did Alameda/FTX Pay for $36.7 Billion in Tethers?!

One year ago, NIA sent out an alert saying:

"Out of nowhere, Alameda's founder Sam Bankman-Fried is being promoted this year by Forbes as the world's wealthiest Crypto tycoon with a supposed net worth of $22.5 billion, but prior to 2021 nobody had ever heard of him. He literally appeared out of nowhere and nobody questions who the hell this guy is. Nobody we know uses his Crypto brokerage firm FTX, yet suddenly they bought the naming rights to the Miami Heat arena and they paid Tom Brady millions of dollars (or millions of USDT) to be featured in an ad that has only been seen by 63,000 people! How could the naming rights to an arena possibly be a smart investment for FTX a Crypto exchange that almost nobody uses? Are they just trying to make themselves look big so that nobody questions the idea of backing Tether with Alameda/FTX commercial paper?!"

Tether this morning is denying that they have any exposure to Alameda/FTX, but how exactly did Alameda/FTX pay for the $36.7 billion in Tethers sent to them???