Has Gary Vee Rug Pulled His Followers?

Gary Vee after completing his Veefriends 2 NFT sale (arguably unregistered securities) and cashing out all of his Ethereum for proceeds of $121 million has suddenly gone "off the grid" with convenient timing! Gary Vee hasn't once tweeted about NFTs since hosting his Fyre Festival of NFTs called VeeCon (we know that he was inspired by Vince McMahon's WrestleMania, but while Vince makes sure there's enough "merch" for everybody in the stadium... Gary purposely produced only 600 low quality sweatshop Hoodies for 15,000 people thereby creating a dangerous stampede down a steep flight of stairs apparently failing to learn from another close friend of NIA's President Travis Scott who had a similar type of stampede at a concert that ended in tragedy).

On June 21st, Gary tweeted that he would be "off the grid in meetings land for next 4 days". 8 days later and still not a single tweet from Gary who profited $55 million+ on his April 2022 sale of Veefriends 2 alone after making promises to his followers that he would work non-stop for the next 55 years straight to build the value of these NFTs. Already, Gary Vee's brainwashed followers are losing $12 million on Veefriends 2 and that's assuming there's liquidity for them all to exit at the current floor price (there isn't). Veefriends 2 trading volume averaged $3,492,000 per day in April, before declining to $387,000 per day in May, then collapsing to $104,000 per day during the first 3 weeks of June and dropping to only $60,000 per day during the past 7 days!

At this rate it will take Veefriends 2 owners two years to cash outTether is unlikely to survive the next six months and Gary has done nothing to warn his followers about it! When Tether goes bust and the USDT "stablecoin" is worth zero... today's Crypto ecosystem will cease to exist as we know it! The average owner of Veefriends and Veefriends 2 will be lucky to cash out 1/10th of their investmentGary's followers were his exit liquidity, and he has already accomplished his goal and has nothing left to build! In all likelihood, VeeCon 2023 and VeeCon 2024 will never take place, but if they do take place, it will be in a significantly scaled down manner just to say that he completed his obligations to the original Veefriends purchasers and provided their "utility".

It is a shame that people got tricked into buying worthless $h*tco*ns and NFTs prior to what is about to be gold's largest rally in history between now and this time next year!