Gold's Most Important Key Breakout Point

Gold is up today for its 11th of the past 12 trading days gaining $7.53 to $1,339.43 per oz. Gold's long-term chart couldn't possibly look any more bullish than it does today!

In January 2019, gold achieved a bullish breakout from its long-term pennant chart formation. Gold is rapidly approaching its most important key breakout point in history of $1,365 per oz. As soon as gold achieves a convincing breakout past $1,365 per oz, which will be 100% confirmed by gold reaching $1,375 per oz, we will likely see gold make its largest short-term price explosion in history.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones said yesterday that gold is his top trade for the next 12-24 months, predicting that when gold breaks $1,400 per oz it will see $1,700 per oz "rather quickly".

By far, NIA strongly believes the #1 way to capitalize on gold's imminent price explosion is with NIA's #1 stock suggestion for 2019, Fiore Gold (TSX Venture: F).

Over the last twelve months, Fiore has successfully increased its working capital by 37.86% to CAD$28.84 million or $0.30 per share. Fiore's working capital consists of CAD$11.08 million in cash up 49.9% from one year ago and $22.53 million in inventory (mined ore already placed on its leach pads) up 64.33% from one year ago!

At Fiore's current share price of $0.35 per share it is only receiving $0.05 per share in value for its mining properties, huge gold reserve/resource, infrastructure, equipment, etc. This is complete insanity because just Fiore's Pan Gold Mine reserves that are 100% proven/probable of 275,600 oz have a current in-ground value of CAD$492 MILLION! If we reduce their value to reflect Fiore's most recent all-in sustaining production costs of USD$899 per oz (CAD$1,198 per oz), it will cost Fiore an estimated CAD$330.169 million to remove this gold from the ground, which will leave CAD$161.831 million or $1.65 per share in value for Fiore shareholders ON TOP of its working capital of $0.30 per share for a total fair value of $1.95 per share!

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