GoldMoney Prediction

Save this alert. This time next year GoldMoney (TSX: XAU) will be trading on either the NYSE or NASDAQ. It meets all the criteria except share price but give it a few weeks and it should meet that too.

The technology powering XAU's soon to launch Totenpass is a proprietary laser optics writing process which has been developed over the past three years. This allows for the engraving of digital information onto solid gold using a highly focused 405nm wavelength creating feature sizes of 125nm or 1/1000th of a human hair! That is to say that each character in a document would be written onto the drive at the same scale of a bacterium. XAU's Totenpass technology prints over 10 billion pixels at a resolution of 25,000 dots per inch and is the #1 fastest analog nano printing technology in the world!

The Totenpasses writing technology requires advanced super parallel computing to break down user uploaded data into a 10.5 GigaPixel image which in turn modulate the 405nm laser and etch the data onto the gold substrate. In comparison, Photoshop, the most advanced image handling software, can only handle a maximum of 900 MegaPixel bitmap images.

The utility of the Totenpass is not just limited to the physical drive technology but also in the read/write software that XAU has designed. XAU's software allows users to create their Totenpass in a few easy steps. Totenpass may be used for just one photograph easily readable by a human eye, while others may choose to fit an entire family photo album of 50,000 photos, requiring XAU's Totenpass app to read back or convert the information back into digital files again in the future.

To read a file from a Totenpass, all that is required is the Totenpass app and any modern smartphone. There is no identity tied to a Totenpass and no login is required to access the digital data stored on the card. XAU's Totenpass technology is 100% decentralized with precious data being physically preserved on the actual metal rather than on any server.

All preexisting technologies such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Solid State Storage, etc... have a lifespan of only 5-10 years before the data gets lost forever! XAU's Totenpasses are permanent with digital data transformed into a light-diffractive pattern that is physically imprinted onto gold. No degradation or Bit Rot will ever occur!

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