XAU Great Opportunity at Current Price of $2.26

GoldMoney (TSX: XAU) is a great opportunity here at its current price of $2.26 per share! A few days ago, XAU officially launched Totenpass, which is the #1 best possible way to store your Crypto in cold storage! You can try Totenpass for yourself right now by clicking here! XAU's timing is absolutely perfect!

It was reported two weeks ago that, "Coinbase says hackers stole cryptocurrency from at least 6,000 customers". Click here to see for yourself!

Yesterday, CNBC published an article entitled, "Coinbase users slam new customer service phone support". Click here to see for yourself!

It said in CNBC's article there is only one way to protect yourself:

"A move that would have helped protect the Richardsons and others is moving cryptocurrency from an exchange, like Coinbase, to what is known as cold storage, or moving crypto offline.

“I’ve beaten myself up every day because I have my friends’ voices in my head. ‘Erick, put it on cold storage.’ And I just didn’t,” Erick said.

Nicole DeCicco, who helps clients secure their cryptocurrency through her company CryptoConsultz, says cold storage is virtually hack-proof. Crypto owners get a private key, which is like a password, to store that key offline.

“A cold storage or a cold wallet is completely disconnected from the internet. It is sometimes a device that you connect to your computer,” she said. “When you keep your funds in cold storage, you own those funds. … They’re offline, away from hackers.”

“I like to tell my clients that just like you might pull money out with your ATM card, you can always load from your cold storage wallet into a hot wallet. But if we’re talking a significant amount of money, really the best practice is to keep it in cold storage,” she said.

DeCicco said setting up exchange accounts is easy but setting up cold storage takes more work. To set up cold storage, many investors buy a device for this purpose. It then needs to be loaded with a private key and safely stored, such as in a vault.

While cold storage is more secure, it has its own issues. Owners can lose passwords, or the device can break."

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