Gold Well on Track to Hit $2,670 in 2023

On December 26th, NIA explained how gold left its moon indicator on November 30th and this meant that one of gold's largest short, medium, and long-term explosions was imminent.

As we explained on December 26th, when gold leaves its moon indicator it makes a median gain of...

4.641% in 1 month

9.83% in 3 months

15.81% in 6 months

43.72% in 12 months

149.92% in 24 months

272.93% in 36 months

Gold was $1,753.50 per oz on November 30th, which meant NIA was projecting gold to hit $1,925 per oz at the end of February.

We are only mid-way through January and gold is already $1,920 per oz!

Gold is well on track to reach NIA's forecast of $2,670 per oz in 2023!

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