Gold vs. Bitcoin During Time of War

Nine days ago, NIA said in its 'Unwatchable Olympics' alert, "Biden was installed into office for the very purpose of manipulating America into a war with Russia and China, which is beginning to take place right now."

After years of Big Pharma cashing in on the media's rebranding of the flu... the Military Industrial Complex is feeling left out because we had war time spending without an actual war. Over the past decade, U.S. Defense Spending has been cut in half as a percentage of U.S. M2 Money Supply... and defense contractors are pissed. With interest rates about to rise significantly, interest payments on the national debt will eat up a much larger percentage of the overall Federal Budget, and unless a significant global conflict can be manufactured immediately... defense contractors know that their share of the pie will shrink even further.

It is amazing how every U.S. vassal state fell in line behind America's mainstream media hysteria about the least deadly pandemic in history. Australia and New Zealand quickly turned into communist dictatorships where their Stockholm Syndrome citizens cheer the removal of the world's #1 ranked tennis player for being unvaxxed. Apparently, they wanted to see him drop dead from blood clots in the middle of the tennis court. Even Wikipedia admits that a record number of professional footballers have dropped dead while playing in recent months... click here to see for yourself.

Already, America's vassal states are following like sheep by rushing to remove their citizens from Ukraine when Russia has never threatened to invade Ukraine. Similar to how mainstream media hysteria over a rebranded flu caused thousands of excess deaths from malpractice, neglectsuicides, overdosesbacterial pneumonia from dirty masks; and adverse reactions to dangerous, experimentaluntested drugs that Big Pharma refused to sell without liability waivers... mainstream media hysteria over Russia invading Ukraine is going to destroy Ukraine's fragile economy and cause thousands of hard-working Ukrainian citizens to die of poverty and starvation, which the mainstream media will blame on Putin. This will cause Ukrainian citizens to desperately want to join NATO and incite World War 3.

If Ukraine joins NATO, Putin will have no choice but to counter by once again installing nuclear missiles in Cuba. By then, the media will be focused on the threat of a Russian electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against America's electricity grid, and nobody will want to own any Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies that require electricity. Gold will likely rise back to its 1980 high as a percentage of U.S. M2 Money Supply per capita of 12.96%, which would currently value gold at $8,500 per oz, but U.S. M2 Money Supply continues to grow at a rate that ranks within the Top 5 percentile of all recorded history.

The Military Industrial Complex is desperate to justify its existence... and gold will benefit the most.