Gold Short Position Larger Than September 27th

The latest new COT data updated as of this past Tuesday, November 1st, shows that gold's managed money short position has reached 121,381 contracts, which exceeds gold's managed money short position from back on September 27th of 119,840 contracts.

Gold's November 1st settlement price of $1,648.18 per oz was higher than its September 27th settlement price of $1,628.56 per oz.

Anytime you see gold's managed money short position get larger, but it fails to drive the gold price lower, it proves that it is game over for the manipulation that has kept gold at artificially low prices.

During the two-week period of October 18th through November 1st, gold's managed money short position increased by 20% but gold only declined by $3 per oz from $1,651.33 per oz down to $1,648.18 per oz!

Augusta Gold (TSX: G) will become the market's #1 largest gaining gold stock between now and year-end!

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