Gold Moon Indicator Has Ended (Most Bullish Sign Possible for Imminent Gold Explosion)

In May 2022, NIA introduced its members to gold's "moon indicator" a set of three conditions that when met together at the same time results in gold making massive gains over the following 12-, 24-, and 36-month time periods 100% of the time:

1) A gold price of less than 2.75% of M2 Money Supply Per Capita.

2) A U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) of above 102.

3) A negative Real Fed Funds Rate (U.S. inflation rate higher than Fed Funds Rate).

Gold spent most of July through November meeting these three conditions, but gold's moon indicator ended at the start of December when gold returned to above 2.75% of M2 Money Supply Per Capita.

Historically, when gold enters into its moon indicator for the first time in years, it sometimes dips lower in price before it explodes higher. Gold makes its largest short, medium, and long-term gains from the very last day of meeting its moon indicator.

Gold's final day meeting all three conditions of its moon indicator was November 30th when it settled at $1,753.50 per oz.

Previously, from the final day of gold's moon indicator on February 29th 1972, September 30th 1977, and January 7th 2003:

Gold achieved median gains of:

4.641% in 1 month

9.83% in 3 months

15.81% in 6 months

43.72% in 12 months

149.92% in 24 months

272.93% in 36 months