Gold Mining Stocks Will Never Be Cheaper Than Today

Gold mining/exploration stocks will never be cheaper than today. The situation in Panama yesterday that took down the best managed large-cap gold company Franco Nevada (FNV) by -8.15% in a single day feels like the type of event that marks an extreme bottom. FNV is the second largest holding of GDX.

The HUI Gold Miners Index/Gold Price Ratio is currently 0.113 and near its all-time low. The long-term average is 0.2911.

At the beginning of the last gold boom, the HUI Gold Miners Index/Gold Price Ratio rose from 0.1335 in November 2000 up to 0.6376 in December 2003.

The highest quality gold exploration stocks like Augusta Gold (TSX: G) that are backed by billionaires with large resources in top jurisdictions like Nevada are highly likely to gain 10-20X more than gold.

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