Gold Miners Enter Extreme Buying Opportunity Zone

U.S. Listed Gold/Silver Mining Stocks have just entered into the Extreme Buying Opportunity Zone in recent days with the industry's median enterprise value/revenue ratio of 2.41 being one of its lowest multiples in history!

Over the long-term, U.S. Listed Gold/Silver Mining Stocks have averaged a median enterprise value/revenue ratio of 5.05.

When the industry's median enterprise value/revenue ratio is at the current level of 2.41 or lower, U.S. Listed Gold/Silver Mining Stocks average a gain of 60.61% over the following 12-month period!

Augusta Gold (TSX: G) is likely to gain at least 5-10X more than the average Gold/Silver Mining Stock. G is set to become Nevada's next low-cost gold producer in 2023!

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