GLD Ownership Hits New 4-Year Low as Greedy Americans Buy Nvidia Near Blow Off Top

SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) saw a massive amount of fund outflows yesterday as greedy retail investors pile into Ponzi scheme Nvidia (NVDA) near its imminent blow off top weeks prior to a recession sending gold to $2,300+ per oz. NVDA will cause larger financial losses to the U.S. population than any U.S. stock in history. NIA's President has used NVDA GPUs for many years to render videos faster, but just because they have a real product doesn't mean it isn't a Ponzi scheme. Greedy Americans fear NVDA is about to become the largest company in the world, and they will miss out on it becoming a $5 trillion company, but why is NVDA buying back shares at record high share prices and timing the purchases to manipulate its share price higher?

You buy back shares when your share price is undervalued like Zedge (ZDGE) is today with ZDGE trading at a fraction of its long-term median enterprise value/revenue ratio. If NVDA had any chance of becoming a $5 trillion company, they would be investing for future growth like ZDGE is. If ZDGE wasn't investing many millions of dollars secretly developing multiple new AI apps that are about to revolutionize the industry, ZDGE would be generating 3X higher cash flow and EBITDA and the stock would already be $20 per share, but ZDGE is investing for future growth!

GLD ownership declined yesterday to a new 4-year low, but foreign central banks continue to bid for all gold being sold by GLD. Why are central banks buying gold and not Nvidia or Bitcoin? We will find out when something in the economy breaks and all hell breaks loose sending gold up by $200 per oz in a single day later this month.

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