GLAD Hits New 52-Week High as Yukon Boom Gains Momentum

The newly listed high grade Yukon copper play Gladiator Metals (TSXV: GLAD) finished this week at a new 52-week high at a time when very few companies are hitting new 52-week highs!

It took 40 years for the massive Whitehorse Copper Project to be consolidated allowing GLAD to go public. GLAD's Whitehorse Copper Project was responsible for helping create the Trump Family's fortune!

The last time that Augusta Gold (TSX: G)'s Executive Chairman billionaire Richard Warke created a company named after his firm the Augusta Group which has its offices one floor away from fellow billionaire Robert Friedland, was when Richard Warke created Augusta Resource Corporation, which gained by 3,300% and was acquired by Hudbay in 2014 for $667 million!

Hudbay was the former owner/operator of GLAD's Whitehorse Copper Project and between 1967 and 1982 it successfully produced 10.2 million tonnes grading 1.5% copper! Most of Hudbay's copper production came from the Little Chief deposit, which is only 1 of 30 known prospects within GLAD's 35km x 5km Whitehorse Copper Project!

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