NIA's #1 Copper Pick GLAD Gained 8.93% on Friday

Although Richard Warke's copper exploration company Solaris Resources (TSX: SLS) gained by 5.58% on Friday to $7.19 per share with its market cap now up to CAD$882 million...

NIA's #1 favorite copper play and #3 ranked overall stock suggestion Gladiator Metals (TSXV: GLAD) is doing even better!

GLAD gained by 8.93% on Friday to $0.61 per share and is very close to hitting new all-time highs of above $0.62 per share.

GLAD's market cap at $0.61 per share is only CAD$16.961 million and they are about to begin drilling at their high-grade Cowley Park prospect, which is part of GLAD's past producing Whitehorse Copper Project located in the Yukon's Whitehorse Copper Belt.

Here are some of the historical drill holes from the high-grade Cowley Park prospect where GLAD is about to begin drilling:

  • CP-040: 89.61m @ 1.89% Cu from 26.21m

  • CP-018: 57.91m @ 1.27% Cu from 53.04m

  • CP-053: 27.7m @ 2.74% Cu from 8.69m

    • Inc: 7.83m @ 8.34% Cu from 23.93m

  • CP-081: 71.44m @ 1.10% Cu from 41.64m

    • Inc: 20.72m @ 2.64% Cu from 81.69m

  • CP-119: 36.27m @ 2.28% Cu from 72.24m

  • CP-122: 56.17m @ 1.61% Cu from 56.91m

    • Inc: 17.07m @ 2.25% Cu from 92.05m

  • CP-127: 62.48m @ 1.17% Cu from 59.74m

    • Inc: 3.05m @ 19.85% Cu from 102.72m

  • CP-011: 32.31m @ 1.16% Cu from 37.49m

  • CP-024: 44.19m @ 1.43% Cu from 51.82m

  • CP-028: 44.5m @ 1.18% Cu from 83.21m

  • CP-060: 28.2m @ 1.82% Cu from 23.62m

    • And 17.47m @ 1.08% Cu from 60.41m

  • CP-063: 45.36m @ 1.26% Cu from 48.46m

  • CP-066: 40.27m @ 1.45% Cu from 23.62m

    • Inc: 15.55m @ 2.70% Cu from 23.62m

  • CP-088: 45.59m @ 1.10% Cu from 51.15m

  • CP-120: 33.34m @ 1.59% Cu from 72.12m

Mineralization remains open in all directions with the most southeasterly hole, 19-CP-08 intersecting 43.28m @ 2.24% Cu from 93.27m, the most northwesterly hole, CP-053 intersecting 27.70m @ 2.74% Cu from 33.98m and the most easterly hole intersecting 3.05m @ 2.12% Cu from 68.88m and 10.37m @ 1.95% Cu from 119.63m.

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