GGG and DDD Gain 20% and 18.44% in 24 Hours!

Yesterday afternoon at 3:45PMEDT, we announced two new stock suggestions in one single alert: G6 Materials (TSXV: GGG) at $0.075 per share and 3D Systems (DDD) at $5.37 per share! In only 6 hours and 45 minutes of trading: GGG has gained by 20% to $0.09 per share and DDD has gained by 18.44% to $6.36 per share! Both traded volume today that was more than 10X above their average daily volume! DDD was today's 6th largest percentage gainer on the NYSE!

We predicted in our alert yesterday afternoon that GGG would reach a minimum of $0.10 per share and would probably hit $0.12-$0.15 per share in the short-term. We want to make it perfectly clear that we were purposely being very conservative. Should GGG between now and year-end announce a working prototype of its graphene-based air filtration product that can enhance existing air filtration devices in a way that allows them to capture and destroy infectious 10-250 nm aerosol particles, GGG would likely become an instant 5-10 bagger from our initial suggestion price of $0.075 per share.

The market is not pricing in the likelihood of GGG having an actual working prototype of its graphene-based air filtration product in the near-future. Despite a current market cap of only USD$6.58 million, GGG is a real company with real products and real customers including NASA, Apple, Samsung, IBM, GE, Harvard University, and Stanford University. Last quarter, GGG generated record revenue of USD$406,684, which was 2.4X more than the preceding quarter and 2X more than the year-ago quarter!

GGG has a 8,000 sq. ft. facility located 45 miles east of New York City, where the company conducts R&D and manufactures its products! GGG's facility is equipped with a wet lab for graphene wafer processing and a reaction chamber for graphene oxide production. GGG's composite R&D center hosts twin and single screw extruders and various resin mixing equipment.

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