Gary Vee Cashed Out $121 Million Before ETH Crash

Gary Vee was smart enough to cash out nearly all of his remaining Ethereum from his Veefriends and Veefriends 2 NFT sales weeks before ETH crashed, bringing in total estimated proceeds of $121,311,405.

When Gary Vee conducted his first NFT sale of Veefriends back in May 2021, he held onto most of his ETH and didn't begin selling until August 2021. After some additional sales in December 2021, Gary Vee sold most of his remaining ETH from the original Veefriends NFT sale in a single day on February 14, 2022.

Two months later, when Gary Vee conducted his second NFT sale of Veefriends 2, Gary Vee made sure that he immediately dumped the ETH that he received from Veefriends 2 as soon as it came in! It is almost as if Gary Vee knew that ETH was about to crash so he was rushing to sell his 55,000 Veefriends 2 NFTs and cash out as many dollars as possible as quickly as possible!