Frederick P Jones is a Genius (TGLO) hit $48.50 per share in 1998 during the dot-com bubble and we consider TGLO's CEO Frederick P Jones (who previously co-founded Glencore the largest company in Switzerland) to be a genius for turning down billions in SPAC offers knowing that if he merged Delfin Midstream into a SPAC for some easy upfront cash, it would be at the expense of Delfin having many years of poor stock performance. By merging into TGLO it will allow him to maximize the market cap of Delfin Midstream post-merger allowing it to achieve Cheniere Energy (LNG) like performance. Although there are MANY companies attempting to jump into the LNG business for the first time, Frederick P Jones has been working hard for the last nine years preparing Delfin Midstream for its Final Investment Decision so that it can finally go public by merging into TGLO and become the world's second most successful LNG company after only Cheniere Energy.

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