Fourth Largest Gold Miner Drilling on Edge of Augusta Gold's Gap Target

Last year, NIA sent out an alert discussing Augusta Gold (TSX: G)'s Gap Target on their Bullfrog Property.

We predicted G's Gap Target is likely to contain a new gold deposit similar to AngloGold Ashanti (AU)'s $450 million North Bullfrog gold deposit or possibly even AU's multi-billion-dollar Silicon+Merlin gold deposits, which are all adjacent to G's Bullfrog and Reward gold projects in Beatty, NV.

NIA has just discovered based on the new confidential document we posted last night that AngloGold Ashanti (AU) the world's fourth largest gold miner has been secretly drilling literally feet away from G's Gap Target, on the very edge of G's property border... and AngloGold Ashanti (AU) has upgraded this area to its "second phase of exploration" meaning that it has already made a gold discovery feet away from G's Gap Target!

We are circling this area in red on the confidential document for you to see below. Interestingly, a private company owns the claim block on the other side of AU's secret new gold discovery! For some unknown reason, AU made it a priority to drill on the tiny space it owns in between the claims of this private company and Augusta Gold (TSX: G)'s massive Bullfrog Property!

Countless NIA members continue to tell us, "AngloGold Ashanti (AU) will never acquire Augusta Gold (TSX: G). G is doing so terrible the stock is only $0.69 per share with a market cap of only CAD$59.29 million. If G's Bullfrog and Reward gold projects have any chance of being developed by either G or AU, G would already be trading for $5-$10 per share."

Well, if AU made a gold discovery significant enough to upgrade this tiny area to its "second phase of exploration" they would almost be required to acquire G if they want to develop this area in the future! The land is too small to develop by itself so why is AU even wasting their time drilling there?

Here is a map of Augusta Gold (TSX: G)'s Bullfrog Project showing the location of the Gap Target where NIA predicted last year a very large new gold discovery will be made:

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