Focus on ATLY and CWRK in Days Ahead!

We are expecting Altaley Mining (TSXV: ATLY) to report enormous 2Q 2021 revenue growth in the upcoming days. ATLY is the #1 largest position of NIA's President Gerard Adams. The company's biggest growth will occur next year after their Tahuehueto Gold Mine in Mexico commences production near year-end 2021! ATLY is already the 6th largest zinc producer in Mexico from its Campo Morado Mine alone. When Tahuehueto launches production, ATLY will become one of the highest grade producers of gold in Mexico! ATLY's chart is setup perfectly with seven straight green candlesticks!

We sent out a major CurrencyWorks (CSE: CWRK) update on Tuesday and it began breaking out big closing Friday at its high of week of $0.86 per share. CWRK is getting ready to launch VUELE in the second week of September, which will disrupt how movie fans experience film. VUELE will be the OpenSea of movie NFTs! Billions of dollars worth of JPEG NFTs have been exchanging hands on OpenSea but we believe movie NFTs will become a much larger market than JPEG NFTs!

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