Flight Cancellations Make HoloPresence Must Have Technology for Fortune 500 Companies

Over the weekend, American Airlines cancelled 1,900 flights after Southwest Airlines recently cancelled record numbers of flights. CNBC is squirming trying to say that bad weather caused it refusing to acknowledge America's hero airline pilots who are true patriots.

ARHT Media (TSXV: ART) or ARHTF is going to see their business explode as a result of these flight cancellations.

ART's patented HoloPresence technology is ready to officially launch at WeWork in the days ahead. HoloPresence allows any executive to instantly beam to the other side of the world. By presenting live as a 3D hologram to an audience of any size, executives have the ability to interact in real time with both in person and remote attendees!

This is exactly what Mark Zuckerberg described in his presentation on Thursday as being the biggest "game changer" for the Metaverse!

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