Fiore Gold's Symmetrical Triangle Trading Pattern

Over the last three months, NIA's #1 stock suggestion for 2019, Fiore Gold (TSXV: F) or FIOGF in the U.S. market, has formed the most perfect Symmetrical Triangle Trading Pattern that we have ever seen. Ever since NIA's initial suggestion on Thanksgiving at $0.23 per share, Fiore's trading range has been rapidly converging. Initially, during the first two weeks following NIA's suggestion, Fiore rallied by 84.78% to a short-term peak on December 7th of $0.425 per share for a two-week trading range of $0.195.

After bottoming on December 24th at $0.295 per share, Fiore rallied by 35.59% to a peak on January 10th of $0.40 per share. As of January 10th, Fiore's trailing two-week trading range had shrunk to only $0.09.

Most recently, Fiore bottomed on February 4th at $0.31 per share, before rallying by 17.77% to a high yesterday of $0.365 per share. As of today, Fiore's latest trailing two-week trading range has declined to only $0.045.

With Fiore Gold's trading range rapidly converging in recent weeks from $0.195 down to $0.045, Fiore is like a coiled up spring getting ready to explode. For Fiore to officially breakout from its current Symmetrical Triangle Trading Pattern, it needs to surpass $0.375 per share. From our experience, when a stock achieves a bullish breakout from a Symmetrical Triangle Trading Pattern, the breakout point almost always becomes a major base/support level for a short-term rally that is equal in price to the original rally that formed the pattern.

This means, as soon as Fiore Gold (TSXV: F) surpasses $0.375 per share, it will likely begin a major two-week rally of $0.195 or 52% up to a price of $0.57 per share.

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