The Fed Doesn't Have to Lower Rates for Gold to Rise

The Federal Reserve doesn't have to lower rates for gold to rise.

There's two scenarios that will cause a big breakout for gold...

1) Deteriorating economic data such as an increase in the artificially low unemployment rate. This would make it more likely that the Fed will have to lower rates at some point during the next 12 months, which would cause the 1-year treasury yield to decline and the 10-1 year yield spread to begin normalizing.

2) An increase in long-term inflation expectations. The 10-year breakeven rate is currently 2.21% when the U.S. budget deficit is spiraling out of control and likely to get much worse over the next 10 years. The 10-year breakeven is likely to rise to 3%+ driving the 10-year treasury yield higher and causing the 10-1 year yield spread to begin normalizing.

Both scenarios will be bearish for big tech stocks and bullish for gold.

So basically, big tech stocks will crash no matter what and gold will soon hit new all-time highs no matter what.