False Flag U.S. Capitol Attack

The U.S. media has become completely unwatchable. It has gotten to the point where almost every story in the media is either completely fake or gets told with a totally false narrative. You can't even turn on ESPN to get away from the political propaganda, with ESPN being used as the new political tool of the deep state to label all Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. It makes total sense if Trump supporters were reluctant to show their support for him in pre-election polls, which showed Biden as competitive in Iowa and Texas.

There was no attack by Trump supporters on the U.S. Capitol. The U.S. Capitol police opened the gates to Trump supporters inviting them inside. They literally waved them into the building. It was a setup which led to Ashli Babbitt an unarmed veteran peaceful protestor being senselessly shot and killed by a U.S. Capitol police officer.

Imagine if Ashli Babbitt was black and got killed by a white U.S. Capitol police officer. The media would have their puppet Lebron James threaten to go on strike and not play anymore basketball games until the police officer who killed her is charged with murder. Not one Congressman or Senator has come out publicly to even call for an in-depth investigation into why Ashli Babbitt was targeted and killed. There is no sign that any kind of murder investigation is taking place.

If somebody invites a stranger into their home only to senselessly shoot and kill that stranger... it's murder, but because Ashli Babbitt was a Trump supporter who exercised her free speech and peacefully protested, she was a domestic terrorist who deserved to die. After all, Trump in his failure to call for national lockdowns and mask mandates in response to a flu season that has overwhelmed our hospitals to the point of all health care workers being forced to dance on TikTok, has indirectly murdered 359,849 Americans an amount that has now surpassed GoldMoney (TSX: XAU)'s customer base of 357,952 account holders.

XAU right now has EPS (TTM) on financial portals of only $0.031, but XAU reported EPS of $0.10 last quarter alone and $0.18 in EPS over the last two quarters. As XAU reports another two quarters of financial results, its EPS (TTM) will likely rise over 1,000% to approximately $0.36.

XAU deserves a P/E ratio similar to Sprott Inc. (SII), which is trading with a P/E of 35.37. Therefore, as XAU's EPS (TTM) explodes to $0.36 a P/E of 35.37 will value XAU at $12.73 per share.

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