The Fake Pandemic

Following up on our alert from Friday evening... an NIA member forwarded us a brief must read article that got published in Taiwan three days ago, but was ignored by the U.S. mainstream media. It is a perfect example of what the media should be focused on but refuses to discuss because it completely destroys their COVID-19 fear-mongering: click here to read the article.

Taiwan hasn't reported any new COVID-19 cases in 2 1/2 months and the U.S. media has heralded the country as, "a shining example of effective leadership". Some CNN and MSNBC reporters have been pointing out how the Taiwanese President is female, causing them to wonder aloud about, "What if Hillary was President during the pandemic?" Nearly all mainstream media reporters universally agree that if Hillary was President there would have been a "much more aggressive, coordinated, and thorough" response from the Federal Government thereby saving hundreds of thousands of lives, which is true... because if Trump wasn't President they wouldn't have created a FAKE pandemic. There is NO pandemic, the Deep State and mainstream media are lying about how PCR testing works... there is no COVID-19 test that produces a binary result of POSITIVE or NEGATIVE like they claim!

Despite Taiwan's "near perfect" COVID-19 response with only 447 confirmed cases and 7 deaths, when a Japanese student who had been studying abroad in Taiwan decided to return to Japan on June 20th, she tested positive for COVID-19 upon entering the country. Initially, Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) feared that their streak of ten weeks of no new COVID-19 infections was over, but upon further investigation... it was only a "weak positive". When the CECC examined the data of the student's COVID-19 test, they realized that she had a Cycle Threshold (CT) value of 37-38, which counts as a "positive" COVID-19 case in Japan and the United States, but "negative" in Taiwan.

Taiwan's CECC apparently doesn't have an agenda of making their President look as bad as possible. Realizing that COVID-19 patients with a CT value of 32 or higher are unlikely to get sick or be contagious, Taiwan only considers a person to be COVID-19 positive if they have a CT value of less than 35, which means the PCR test must find one of the matching genetic sequences associated with SARS-Cov-2 within the first 34 cycles of DNA amplification (34 cycles creates 17.18 billion copies of the DNA sample). Both the U.S. and Japan use a much higher Cycle Threshold of 40, allowing for 5 extra cycles of DNA amplification. This is a BIG deal, because 39 cycles of DNA amplification creates 549.76 billion copies of the DNA sample... greatly increasing the odds of a FALSE positive from cross contamination. If the Deep State really wants to step up the fear-mongering to elect a puppet President that they can easily control to create new overseas wars... they should increase the Cycle Threshold even higher to 45 because at that level approximately 50% of all COVID-19 tests become positive.

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