Every Gold Miner Combined Worth Less Than 1/10th of AAPL

Every U.S. listed gold/silver mining stock combined is currently worth less than 1/10th the market cap of Apple (AAPL).

Over the last twelve months, U.S. listed gold/silver miners generated free cash flow of $34.18 billion vs. AAPL's free cash flow of $105.79 billion.

Considering that gold/silver miners have 32.3% of AAPL's free cash flow, they deserve to be worth much more than less than 1/10th of AAPL's market cap.

In April 2011, gold/silver miners were worth $269.7 billion or 1.426% of the total U.S. market cap of $18.917 trillion.

Today, gold/silver miners are worth $216 billion or 0.535% of the total U.S. market cap of $40.4 trillion despite the fact that they are generating nearly 3X more free cash flow than in April 2011!

Over the next 6-12 months, we expect to see the market cap of gold/silver miners increase tremendously both in U.S. dollars and as a share of the overall market.

We believe that Augusta Gold (TSX: G) is best positioned to become the next billion-dollar market cap Nevada gold miner.

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