ESN Surpasses Key Breakout Point, Looks Ready to Explode!

NIA first mentioned Essential Energy Services (TSX: ESN) on January 13th as being fundamentally undervalued at $0.26 per share.

On Thursday of last week NIA said, "Essential Energy Services (TSX: ESN) reported very impressive quarterly results last night where their revenue has begun to rapidly recover on a quarter-to-quarter basis! Although ESN's revenue was still down on a year-over-year basis, ESN's gross profit and EBITDA achieved massive growth that far surpassed our highest expectations on a year-over-year basis! As the EV bubble bursts, capital will rapidly return to the oil sector and ESN will benefit the most! We will rely and depend on fossil fuels for many years to come and ESN is on sale like never before and could potentially become one of our biggest winners of 2021! Suddenly out of nowhere ESN will breakout big and if you try to perfectly time its move you will miss out!"

On Friday, ESN closed at its key breakout point of $0.30 per share!

ESN has just surpassed its key breakout point and looks ready to explode! Our suggestion of ESN is completely unbiased!

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