Elon Musk Fails to De-escalate U.S. Backed Ukraine War

NIA discussed two nights ago how Crypto entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is urging his followers to buy gold, correctly viewing the U.S. backed war in Ukraine as the last stand of a dying empire, which has given the U.S. Dollar one final boost. By the U.S. forcing its E.U. vassal states to implement economic sanctions against Russia, making it impossible for them to purchase Russian oil/gas without buying Rubles, it has created a European energy crisis that has collapsed the Euro and Pound while artificially strengthening the U.S. Dollar. The only fiat currency that has benefited more from the U.S. backed war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia has been the Ruble.

This evening, Kim Dotcom correctly expressed his concern about how Elon Musk has chosen to continue providing free Starlink high-speed Internet services throughout Ukraine, allowing the neo-Nazis to continue drone striking innocent Russian speaking civilians. After Musk replied to Dotcom, "Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, so … guess I’m just damned", Dotcom replied back to Musk by saying, "I love you E. You know that. Many people look up to you. I believe in you. We are facing nuclear war because of reckless US foreign policy in Ukraine. You know that. This is a big one. We have to put our personal interests aside for the sake of humanity. I know you love humanity."

Musk replied back to Dotcom, "I’m trying my hardest to de-escalate this situation and obviously failing."

It is obvious that the military industrial complex/deep state has somehow gotten to Musk perhaps by threatening to investigate Tesla for its vehicles that spontaneously combust into flames or self-drive into walls. We need to assume that Musk is a "compromised" deep state asset. He is basically admitting so without directly saying it.

We will regain trust for Musk if he begins to buy gold.