Dominion Voting Systems, HAMR, and Scorecard

The SCOTUS will decide the next President not the mainstream media. The vulnerable voting software of Dominion Voting Systems (donor to the Clinton Foundation) has already been 100% factually proven to have switched votes from Trump to Biden in an important Michigan county. This same "glitchy" software is also used in every single swing state where Biden magically came back including Pennsylvania where Biden received a statistically improbable 80% of the pre-election vote. In Georgia, voting was delayed by a last minute software update, but officials covered it up by blaming the delay on a water main break.

According to Sidney Powell, lawyer for whistleblower Dennis Montgomery a former government contractor who developed the Hammer (HAMR) software program for the CIA, 3% of the pre-election vote was most likely changed to Biden in key swing states using the HAMR and Scorecard software programs. Although voting machines aren't connected to the Internet, the actual voting centers where county vote tallies get calculated are connected to the Internet to allow HAMR and Scorecard to change the results. Watch a video of Sidney Powell exposing the truth:

Be sure to spread word about Dominion Voting Systems, HAMR, and Scorecard to everybody you know because the mainstream media is colluding with Big Tech to censor this information and declare Joe Biden the winner of a rigged election! These phony election results will not stand! We are not a member of any political party and would feel the same way if a Republican was trying to steal the election from a Democrat!