Did Gary Vee Steal Veefriends from Karen Ritchie?

It looks like VeeCon may turn into the Web 3.0 version of Fyre Festival.

Somebody has just figured out that Gary Vee's idea for his original NFT series Veefriends may have been ripped off from the children's books of author Karen Ritchie. If you do a search on Amazon for books written by Karen Ritchie, she seems to have come up with the idea that Gary Vee used for his Veefriends cast of characters.

Gary Vee's original 10,255 NFTs of 268 "unique characters" supposedly hand drawn by Gary himself (or a child he paid to do so) have a current combined market cap of $240 million. Of course, the "artwork" itself is worthless, but the NFTs are a clever loophole way of selling supposedly "legalunregistered securities so that Gary's brainwashed cult can bet on Gary by owning a piece of his Veefriends enterprise. By investing into Veefriends NFTs you receive the equivalent of a Web 3.0 unregulated stock certificate representing ownership of a common Veefriends enterprise with the expectation to profit derived from the efforts of Gary Vee.

Some of the Veefriends characters have the exact names and/or likeness of Karen Ritchie's characters from the covers of her books.

We apologize to any NIA members who bought into Veefriends NFTs after learning about Gary Vee from NIA's President interviewing him on his Leaders Create Leaders YouTube Channel. If you did make the mistake of buying into Veefriends we suggest selling them now before it's too late! All NFTs are about to lose 95%+ of their value! The NFT bubble will burst by the end of this month! The anticipation of VeeCon set to take place on May 19-22 is the only thing keeping NFTs propped up from a complete collapse!

NIA's President owns many NFTs but not as an investment. He likes to support local artists who are trying to make a living. Buying into the NFTs of real artists is much different than buying into an NFT project with a roadmap of promises of how the project creator will make the floor price go up. The term rug pull would not exist if the NFT projects that everybody speculates on were truly about art!