De-SPAC Companies Burnt $9.889 Billion Last Quarter

The 370 most recent U.S. listed De-SPAC companies that went public by merging into a SPAC, burnt through $9.889 billion in cash last quarter and $39.29 billion over the last twelve months.

These De-SPAC companies listed at a median price of $10 per share, rose to a median all-time high of $17.90 per share, but are currently trading at a median price of only $3.065 per share down by 82.88% from their peaks. They are trading today with median enterprise value/revenue ratios of 2.104, despite burning massive amounts of cash! Most De-SPAC companies will go bankrupt at some point in the near future. Don't buy them at 2.104X revenue!

Daktronics (DAKT) and Zedge (ZDGE) are generating massive positive cash flow at enterprise values of 0.50X revenue!

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