DDD was the REAL Short Squeeze NOT GameStop!

On October 6th, NIA sent out an alert saying, "We believe a major short squeeze is about to occur in the stock of 3D Systems (DDD), currently $5.37 per share."

The very next day, DDD rallied by 18.44% to $6.36 per share and has never looked back since then.

On October 19th, NIA sent out an alert saying, "3D Systems (DDD) has just surpassed its short-term key breakout point of $7.06 per share!"

At the time of NIA's suggestion, DDD had a record 40.9 million shares sold short. On December 3rd with DDD already up by 86.33% to $9.95 per share, NIA sent out an alert pointing out that only 2.4 million shares had covered and 38.5 million shares remained short

Between December 31st and January 15th, 14.97 million shares covered in two weeks, reducing DDD's short interest by 44.75% to 18.48 million shares while driving DDD from $10.48 per share on December 31st up to $28.25 per share on January 15th for a two week gain of 169.56%. You would think that this would be a HUGE news story in the mainstream financial media, but during this time period NOT ONE article was published by CNBC about DDD's short squeeze!

During this same two-week time period, CNBC published 344 articles about a GameStop (GME) short squeeze despite the fact that only 13.23% of GME's short interest covered and GME's share price only rose from $18.84 per share up to $35.50 per share for a two week gain of 88.43%. Why did CNBC publish 344 articles about a GME short squeeze that wasn't really happening yet while completely ignoring DDD's real legitimate short squeeze? Was CNBC itself actually trying to cause GME's short squeeze and blame it on WallStreetBets?

One thing is clear... the huge volatility in GME that occurred after January 15th was created entirely by the mainstream media and not WallStreetBets!

DDD closed this past week at $47.95 per share for a gain of 792.92% from NIA's October 6th suggestion price. GME during this same time period has only gained by 598.47%. Despite the mainstream media's obsession with GME, NIA's DDD was the #1 biggest short squeeze stock of the last four months!

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