DDD Hits $8.58 Up 59.78% in 12 Days!

NIA's second to latest stock suggestion is 3D Systems (DDD), which NIA announced on the afternoon of October 6th at $5.37 per share. NIA predicted the following in its October 6th DDD announcement alert:

"We believe a major short squeeze is about to occur in the stock of 3D Systems (DDD), currently $5.37 per share! It could easily go to $7-$8 per share!"

Earlier this week, NIA led its October 19th Monday afternoon update by saying:

"3D Systems (DDD) has just surpassed its short-term key breakout point of $7.06 per share!"

Within 72 hours of DDD surpassing its key breakout point of $7.06 per share, DDD rallied an additional 21.53% to reach a high on Thursday of $8.58 per share where it was up by 59.78% from NIA's suggestion only 12 trading days ago!

During this time period, DDD has been the #8 best performing stock on the NYSE!

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