DAKT vs. NASDAQ Since NIA's Suggestion

On November 28, 2021, NIA announced Daktronics (DAKT) at $4.77 per share as its #1 favorite NASDAQ value stock (click here to see).

Since November 28, 2021, NIA's DAKT has gained by 113% vs. the NASDAQ Composite gaining by only 4.27%.

When Steve Ballmer opens the Intuit Dome for the LA Clippers later this year, the whole world will see why DAKT is America's #1 best technology/infrastructure company.

DAKT is up 26.46X more than the NASDAQ, because the NASDAQ doesn't have room to go any higher until gold breaks out to $3,000-$5,000 per oz.

DAKT always performs its strongest immediately prior to gold making its largest moves upward.

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