Crypto Market Crash Causes Logan Paul to Sign With WWE

Logan Paul not surprisingly has signed with the WWE. We told you on May 8th how Logan has been the biggest rug puller of all with Crypto NFTs, but we saw a huge future for him in the WWE. Now that the Crypto/NFT markets have collapsed, and nobody cares about buying into his NFT scams like "CryptoZoo" anymore, Logan Paul has signed with the WWE where we believe he will achieve great success and make a lot of money. The crashing Crypto/NFT market has also pushed Jake Paul (a good friend of NIA's President) into finally booking his next fight against Tommy Fury. Ultimately, the Crypto/NFT bubble going bust is a best-case scenario for the U.S. economy, because it will give talented Americans reason to be productive again by entertaining people and creating real sustainable businesses that will have a positive impact on society!