The Craziest Thing About GBRC

If you watched the video we linked you to last night of Gold Bull Resources (TSXV: GBRC)'s CEO Cherie Leeden she explains how GBRC has a fast track to permitting and bringing Sandman into production because GBRC has successfully obtained from Newmont Mining (NEM) $30 million worth of Sandman baseline study data.

Many people ask why Augusta Gold (TSX: G) has been so silent for the past year and it is because much of the baseline study work they have been doing is boring but it is required to obtain permitting to bring G's Bullfrog Project into production. G's Bullfrog baseline studies are about to be complete in the upcoming weeks, which will be just one of multiple big announcements we expect to see from G along with the release of economic studies for Reward and Bullfrog and possible financing to bring Reward into production.

GBRC is very lucky because they won't need to do nearly as much work to obtain permitting compared to the expensive, time consuming work that G had to do over the past year. People assume that G has been doing nothing, which is why the stock is at its most severely oversold prices in history, but in reality G has been doing all of the work necessary to have two producing gold mines in Nevada's #1 largest new gold district of the decade the Beatty District. Everything that is about to happen with G in the upcoming weeks will make it the #1 biggest takeover target in Nevada.

GBRC should at least have a $30-$50 million market cap right now and it will very soon! G is on its way to becoming a billion-dollar company assuming it doesn't get bought out beforehand!

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