Could ZDGE Hit $13.74 in Upcoming Weeks?

On August 28th, NIA compared Zedge (ZDGE) to its three previous stock suggestions of low enterprise value/revenue ratio U.S. listed companies: Sterling Infrastructure (STRL), Lifeway Foods (LWAY), and Daktronics (DAKT), which each gained by 777.07%, 725.24%, and 160.38% respectively from NIA's suggestion prices. NIA also added Paltalk (PALT) to its comparison because it was the only other technology stock besides ZDGE trading with a low enterprise value/revenue ratio of well below its long-term median while also having a strong balance sheet similar to ZDGE.

On August 28th, PALT was trading with an enterprise value/revenue ratio of 0.367 or 45.31% below its long-term median of 0.671. On Friday, PALT closed with an enterprise value/revenue ratio of 2.278 or 259.87% above its long-term median of 0.633.

PALT is trading at its highest enterprise value/revenue ratio since November 12, 2021.

When PALT was last trading at a similar enterprise value/revenue ratio on November 12, 2021, ZDGE had an enterprise value/revenue ratio of 6.583.

If ZDGE returns to its November 12, 2021, enterprise value/revenue ratio of 6.583 in the upcoming weeks:

An enterprise value of 6.583X ZDGE's trailing twelve-month revenue of $27.42 million will give ZDGE an enterprise value of $180.506 million + ZDGE's cash position of $16.7 million = market cap of $197.206 million. A market cap of $197.206 million values ZDGE at $13.74 per share.

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