Confidential Document From Fourth Largest Gold Miner

NIA was able to get hold of this confidential document showing where AngloGold Ashanti (AU) has been focusing all of its most recent Nevada drilling activities.

The red dots show AU's already established gold resources where they haven't done any recent work.

The orange dot shows where AU completed their final definition work for what is about to become a red dot.

The yellow dots show where AU previously made discoveries of gold and is following up with additional work to see if they will become orange dots.

The blue dots show where AU has drilled new targets but didn't yet discover any gold.

The green dots show where AU has drilled new targets and made new discoveries of gold.

Four of AU's latest brand-new gold discoveries are on previously unexplored properties located directly to the west or northwest of Augusta Gold (TSX: G)'s Bullfrog and Montgomery-Shoshone gold resources.

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