'Coal Stocks' Surpass 'Gold Stocks' on Google Trends!

Google Searches this evening for 'coal stocks' are currently 20X higher than 'uranium stocks', 6X higher than 'natural gas stocks', and have just surpassed 'gold stocks' for the first time since the evening of September 28th. On average over the past week, searches for 'gold stocks' have been 2.5X higher than 'coal stocks' so for 'coal stocks' to take the lead is a BIG deal!

Perhaps the most bullish sign for coal stocks is the actual trend on Google Trends! As Google Searches for 'coal stocks' are exploding higher, searches for 'uranium stocks', 'natural gas stocks', and 'gold stocks' are plunging!

Although North America has hundreds of gold stocks there are only a dozen high quality coal stocks. Only a few of North America's coal stocks are coking coal plays. Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX) is the only coking coal play that is perfectly positioned to fully capitalize on the export market to China!

MOX is also North America's only publicly traded coal royalty play!

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