CNC Will Surpass BIG's Market Cap

Over the weekend we explained that it literally makes no sense how Hercules Silver (TSXV: BIG) has a market cap of nearly double Canada Nickel Company (TSXV: CNC).

CNC deserves a much higher market cap than BIG!

Hercules Silver (TSXV: BIG) finally came out with some more drilling results this morning and we aren't very impressed considering BIG's market cap of $314.5 million.

BIG's best new drill hole announced this morning HER-23-08 intersected 437.5m of 0.32% copper. For comparison purposes... this would be equivalent to 437.5m of 0.17% nickel.

On August 22nd, Canada Nickel Company (TSXV: CNC) confirmed a major new discovery at Mann Northwest a project currently owned by NIA's #1 favorite base metals stock suggestion for 2024: Noble Mineral Exploration (TSXV: NOB), which CNC will be earning an 80% stake in by paying for all of its drilling expenditures.

The very first drill hole at CNC/NOB's Mann Northwest MAN23-01 discovered 412.2m of 0.22% nickel equivalent plus 81m of 0.26% nickel equivalent. This equals total intersections of 493.2m vs. BIG's best new drill hole of 437.5m and the grades at Mann Northwest are much higher!

BIG's second best new drill hole HER-23-11 intersected 182.94m of 0.30% copper, which is equivalent to 182.94m of 0.16% nickel.

Drill holes MAN23-02MAN23-03MAN23-04, and MAN23-05 at CNC/NOB's Mann Northwest were each far superior to BIG's second best new drill hole!

Each of these CNC/NOB Mann Northwest drill holes achieved total intersections of between 314.5m and 377.4m with much higher grades than BIG! Click here to see for yourself!

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