CNC vs. BIG Market Cap Update

On December 30th, NIA sent out an alert entitled, 'How Is BIG Worth More Than CNC? Watch What Happens Tuesday!'.

In this alert, NIA said, "Hercules Silver (TSXV: BIG) has a higher market cap than Canada Nickel Company (TSXV: CNC) based on the results of one deep drill hole from six months ago! CNC owns the world's second largest nickel reserve at its Crawford Deposit alone and early drilling results on Noble Mineral Exploration (TSXV: NOB)'s adjacent Mann Northwest is showing similar intersections of nickel in terms of length and grade, on a property that contains a more than 3X larger geophysical footprint!"

At the time of NIA's alert, BIG had a market cap of $314.5 million vs. CNC having a market cap of $161.55 million.

BIG was worth 1.95X more than CNC.

NIA predicted that CNC would surpass the market cap of BIG.

As of today's close, BIG has a market cap of $164.08 million for a decrease of 47.83%.

As of today's close, CNC has a market cap of $224.04 million for an increase of 38.68%.

CNC is now worth 1.37X more than BIG.

This is just the beginning for Canada Nickel Company (TSXV: CNC), and especially for NIA's #1 favorite base metals pick for 2024 Noble Mineral Exploration (TSXV: NOB).

NOB owns CNC's Mann Northwest where CNC discovered a nickel deposit on August 22nd that all early signs indicate could have potential to exceed the size of CNC's Crawford Deposit the world's second largest nickel resource/reserve!

NOB's Mann Northwest contains the largest geophysical footprint of any discovery made by CNC in the company's history!

Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. NIA is not an investment advisor and does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. NIA has received compensation from NOB of US$50,000 cash for a six-month marketing contract. This message is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.